Our Services – High level engagements and first mover opportunities.

The industry is evolving and opportunities that are ripe with potentiality are not as easily identified.  Being in, and so closely aligned with cannabis gives us a significant edge for identifying first mover opportunities.  Uniquely, our national advertising and event presence insures your ROI on our relationship is phenomenal.

Take the time to talk with us.  Our results will speak for themselves.

Having the right deals for your consideration is key to the process.


Receive help with the following services:

Finding Cannabis Investors

You have spent considerable time and energy into bringing your project to life and now you need funding for the next phase.  We have a vast network of investors to get you where you need to be.  Become one of our priority clients and realize your goals.

Investment Opportunities

Endless meetings with entrepreneurs that are not ready is not a productive use of your time.  We know the industry because we are in the industry.  We learn what you want, and find what you need.  We vet opportunities and identify weaknesses and strengths so your time is both productive and fruitful.

Branding & Marketing

What do your company and its products or services stand for? Our team will help you define the essential characteristics, values, and attributes that represent what your brand is, and what it is not. Then we’ll turn your brand into a story, develop the look and feel of your products and services, and grow your recognition with your target audience.

Licensing & Permits

There is no end to the good advise of how to get a permit.  You need to know where to apply and all of the actionable steps that make up the process.  We do that!  We are selective with our clients so you get the time and attention you need.

Project Advancement

Your idea has become a business, and you worked hard to get here.  Now you need next steps that are both actionable and effective.  With start-up experience of our own, we know you need to seize opportunities.  Connections and relationships are important and we can help.  Become one of our preferred clients today.

Selling Your Cannabis Business

We understand what you went through to get here.  Now you need the right buyer so you capitalize on all of your hard work and know how.  As one of our preferred clients,  we make that happen.  We offer national advertising services so your great opportunity gets to the right people.  And we bring your amazing opportunity in front of our best clients for consideration.

Advisory Services

The largest and most successful companies have advisors and so should you.  Great minds bring great ideas and great ideas mature into well executed plans.  Gathering talent around you is a sign of a successful leader and a necessary evolution if your business is to flourish.  Become a preferred partner and experience our visionary thinking.

First Mover Opportunities

No one can be everywhere at once.  You need to find opportunities at their nascent stage for minimal downside risk and huge upside potential.  We travel in those circles and find those opportunities.

Affiliations & Partnerships

It’s what you know and who you know.   The best ideas never take flight if the right relationships are not in place to provide the lift for takeoff.  Many a great idea is accomplished by someone else.  Sitting in neutral doesn’t move you forward.  Join with us and be at the hub of our target rich environment.