Verdantis Advisors is your connected professional advisory group for cannabis consulting, investments, and business opportunities.

We specialize in sales and acquisitions of existing operations and we are a reliable source that you can depend on moving forward.  Our constant presence ensures we will locate and introduce you to that rare, valuable business deal.  We advertise across North America because we are serious about your project.  Quality opportunities are brought to you because we invest in you, and you invest in us.  We regularly speak with government officials, city and county personnel, law enforcement, and the insurance industry so we have our finger on the pulse of the cannabis marketplace.

Our ability to locate opportunity in the funding sector or business sector sets us apart.

Investors and fund managers alike look to us to find viable opportunities in the cannabis, hemp, and ancillary sectors.

Work with a consulting team that makes a difference!

With over 25 years in the consulting industry, we know the absolute importance of integrity and assignment execution.  We have been in the cannabis sector in California since 2009 building our expertise in the field to bring that knowledge base and commitment to you, our valued customer.  We listen carefully to understand your needs and craft a path forward, skillfully executing our assignment and exceeding all of your expectations.

The cannabis and hemp space is experiencing unprecedented growth.  This fledgling industry has no sole source of information making industry connections and relationships critical.  We are committed to finding opportunity for fund managers, private investors, buyers, and sellers.

Our industry knowledge and experience sets us apart as consultants and advisors.

The cannabis and hemp industry is thriving in the U.S.  Additionally, the ancillary market is moving ahead at breakneck speeds.  Finding the right fit regarding consultants and advisors is key to successful execution.  We trust that experiencing our integrity and follow through cements a business relationship that prospers you and helps you achieve your goals and visions

Kirk Barry

Founder & CEO

Under his leadership, Verdantis Advisors works with business entities to inform and assist them in obtaining information from the cannabis sector, identifying opportunities, and moving forward with cannabis licensing and operational effectiveness.  Mr. Barry has over 40 years of experience in law enforcement and expert legal consulting. His experience in the cannabis space covers 10 years and includes 4 start-ups; cultivation, manufacturing, testing, and compliance.  Perhaps best identified as a “processes expert” Mr. Barry as a varied skill set to effectively execute across a broad spectrum in the business sector.  With his forward thinking and disruptive abilities he developed a solution for the insurance industry regarding cannabis related policies before the insurance industry offered complete coverage for the industry itself.  Mr. Barry is a frequent speaker, an industry expert, and actively pursues strategic relationships.

  • Expert witness
  • Advisor and board member
  • Experienced consultant

Kirk’s hands-on experience in the cannabis sector means you get advice from an experienced consultant.

Andre Bourque

Vice-President of Business Development

Mr. Bourque has over 15 years of marketing and business development experience spanning Fortune 500 technology companies, consumer products, and the aerospace industry. Mr. Bourque has emerged as one of he top cannabis industry business connectors and is recognized as a pioneer in this space. Mr. Bourque writes an influential cannabis column for Forbes, and notably was the first to present cannabis real estate investment opportunities to investors in Shanghai. As an industry power house, Mr. Bourque was the first to introduce the cannabis industry at the Emmys. Mr. Bourque has facilitated dozens of multi-partnered cannabis ventures across America. Mr. Bourque’s focus is business development, marketing, and strategic relationships.